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Kyoki's Staff Application.

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Should I be staff on Do That Roleplay Thing?

Kyoki's Staff Application. Poll_c1050%Kyoki's Staff Application. Poll_c10 50% 
[ 1 ]
Kyoki's Staff Application. Poll_c1050%Kyoki's Staff Application. Poll_c10 50% 
[ 1 ]
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Postasteri on Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:47 pm

Username: Kyoki.

What is your age?: I am twelve years old, though I'm rather mature for my age.

What is your time zone?: Eastern Standard Time.

On average, how often are you online?: I am online for about two hours per day in total, though I take several breaks. It also depends on how much computer time I can get.

Why do you want to be a staff member on Do That Roleplay Thing?: I'd like to be a DTRT staff member because I enjoy both writing and roleplaying, and it would be great if I could become staff on a roleplay website. First of all, I know the DTRT rules, and will not hesitate to follow them at all times. I can be online pretty much whenever I have time, which means I will be active and helpful. Previously, I was a ChatMod on Creative Fun, so I have a lot of experience from that. Roleplaying is something I love to do, and I want to get to know others with that same interest. Over all, I am capable of identifying a rule-breaker, and reporting them, as well as keeping this site organized and PG-13. Many people I know say that I am a trustworthy and responsible person, and those qualities make me good for the job of a DTRT Moderator.

Other information: I am female, and prefer feminine pronouns, as you already know.
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PostOzzieoddle on Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:44 pm

Application locked due to misconduct towards others on other platforms and bringing up the topic of application in the chatbox. The earliest the applicant can reapply is in two months, 10:00 PM, GMT+4, 26th of January, 2017.

Kyoki's Staff Application. Tumblr_inline_ncqj1nyO4I1sk47ji......................Kyoki's Staff Application. Tumblr_inline_ncqj20NUbC1sk47ji.......................Kyoki's Staff Application. Tumblr_inline_ncqj2mCt3B1sk47ji
I'm the type of person that cares too much. I build myself upon my experiences and it leaves me
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