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just a character storage thread.

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Postasteri on Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:04 pm

where i'm storing my characters n' stuff.

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Postasteri on Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:02 pm

I'm just making another little post to store GIFs and a few brief notes (which will be added later) for my potential character, Kendra Miller.

For which roleplay: tumblresqueboi's Yeung's Anatomy.
Character Name: Kendra Miller, or Doctor Kendra.
Age: Thirty-seven. She is the youngest attending, yet not the least experienced.
Specialty: Chief of pediatrics. Kendra is an Attending, and works with children and teenagers.
Face Claim: Troian Bellisario.
Possible GIFs:

just a character storage thread. Tumblr_nll9hhIaK21re4yhbo7_r2_250

just a character storage thread. Tumblr_nll9hhIaK21re4yhbo2_r4_250

Roleplay Header (?)

just a character storage thread. Tumblr_nl5ghm4mTO1rtocego4_250

⋆ — (attending, chief of pediatrics)

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Postasteri on Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:14 pm

For my potential roleplay, "Treatment".


Posts : 81
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Postasteri on Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:42 pm

For my potential roleplay, "Treatment".

gif to be determined

----- ( completely insane ! )


Dawn Angelina Parker isn't the average fifteen-year-old girl, and even saying she's weird or psycho is an understatement. If you look beyond her joyful, fake smile and carefully crafted facade, you'll find pure insanity. She is rarely found rested on her hospital bed and staring at the empty, white sky made of pristine ceiling tiles. Despite constantly wishing to be dead, Dawn is full of life, and energy she feels she does not deserve. However, the absence of happiness causes her to fall deeper into depression. The blonde often leaves saddening notes on the walls of her room, in black paint. Many of these messages are questions, Dawn constantly asking others if she should remain alive, or why she can't be "sane" (though the rest of the patients aren't normal either) like they supposedly are, through her own messy writing.

Though she is very feisty, Dawn has several fears, including extreme claustrophobia. When inside a small space for an extended period of time, she will begin to freak out and cry for help, acting like she will die if kept inside any longer. This is one of the reasons why she has a desire for immediate freedom, and is usually caught attempting to exit the hospital building at least once a day. Dawn can sometimes be social, because was fairly popular and almost always surrounded by friends before the huge accident happened. She will only talk openly to those she completely trusts, but at least she doesn't let herself drown in unspoken thoughts.

Dawn's primary illness is severe panic disorder, a psychiatric disorder in which debilitating anxiety and fear arise frequently and without reasonable cause. Seeing certain things can trigger memories of her past, which cause her to have panic attacks. Dawn usually self-harms after each outburst, feeling overly stressed and guilty of scaring the nurses and patients. She pretty much blames herself for her illness. The disorder also creates a sensation of what is going on in her nightmares or visions actually happening to her sleeping form. So, when she dreams about her brutal abduction, she actually suffers the same pain that struck her, when she was forced to inflict herself with numerous burns and cuts.

Dawn remembers this event clearly, her kidnapper blackmailing her by saying if she didn't lock herself in the basement closet, and repeatedly abuse herself, he would immediately capture her younger sister, Cait. Believing his threat, she did, and now does the same frequently with any sharp object she can locate, as she thinks the agony is appropriate. When possible, she hides her new scars and burns, similar to the ones she obtained from the aforementioned experience, under a jumper and tight black leggings.

Because she is a hazard to surrounding patients, Dawn was moved from hospital to hospital, about once a week, before being transferred to the International Center for Advanced Medicine, the place where she now resides. It had been an unpredictable panic attack including a suicide attempt--Dawn taking an abundance of another person's pills, and nearly jumping from a second floor window--that turned the well-thought-out plan of switching her to the ICAM into a definite reality. She was driven there, that very night, along with an "emo" male, and another female who fell unconscious soon after entering the van. Kicking and screaming furiously, at three in the morning, she was admitted to the medical center. Doctors, nurses, and other staff repeatedly reassured her, as they moved the stretcher that her small body was placed on down the seemingly endless corridors. After being inside her new room, within the Bracket Three ward for a couple hours, she started crying softly. She then stabbed herself in many places with a large piece of sharp plastic--from a water cup that she intentionally broke. Her wounds were taken care of once a nurse found her, and she was sedated against her will just seconds later.

Fast forward to today, Dawn has been at the ICAM for two years and counting, and is still part of the dreaded Bracket Three. She is bound to recieve her "treatment" surgery very soon, and will be gifted the rare ability of darkness and mist manipulation. Dawn will be tested usually at night, since that is when she is the most powerful.

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Postasteri on Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:19 pm

just a character storage thread. Tumblr_nl9cjhx9en1uqr6ppo9_250

❝ break away from the ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
life that they sold ya ! ❞

fc. bella thorne ♢ paramedic, sixteen

macey noelle turner, paramedic. while working, she's an impulsi-
ve bitch, who always believes she's in the right, but underneath th-
at she's a wild and carefree girl. the female adores partying wh-
en ever given the chance, and is a little too outgoing for her own
good. because she is so used to life as a rather popular stud-
ent at her current high school, macey's much meaner than the
average person, so getting on her bad side wouldn't be a ve-
ry good move, especially if you're ranked lower than she is
on the medical hierarchy.

to put it simply, she knows her stuff, and prefers not to have
others correct her, unless it's the head medic. macey is openly
homosexual--gay as hell, and if anyone insulted her because of
her sexuality, their social life would be in danger. furthermore,
she acts as if the medic program is her school--she creates
drama, hosts breathtaking parties, and all.

macey grew up in a family that did not, in any way, shape
or form, support the lgbt+ community. knowing they'd most
likely disown her if she came out to them, she never intends
to tell them. however, she's absolutely fine with everyone
else being aware of her homosexuality.

when doing her job as a trained paramedic, macey is extreme-
ly serious, and does not ever crack jokes when there may be
a patient on the verge of dying. always hasty, she can someti-
mes make mistakes, yet she tries to get things done quickly,
and correctly. as soon as she has the opportunity to take
care of something, macey steps right up and does whatever
it is. the only directions she really listens to are the head
medic's, or her own, even in the event of an emergency.

lastly, macey loves events and nightlife--as well as
having constant affairs. she's real quirky and social,
and enjoys almost any relationship she can get into.

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Postasteri on Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:58 pm

this plan is for the clique, a potential roleplay (or script)
of mine based off of the book series. more notes will be
written soon.


just a character storage thread. Tumblr_nfeu2guPlx1rwdvuco6_250

❝ YOU'RE A GLIMPSE OF BLISS ! ❞xxxxthe sidekick

[ female ]x[ thirteen ]x[ dsl daters ]x[ bi. ]

mindy rosalyn fanning. the socially popular female holds a
position at octavian country day that many people would st-
op at nothing to achieve, the queen bee's beta. a proud mem-
ber of the leading clique in the school's hierarchy, mindy con-
stantly has to make sure she doesn't take a single step outsi-
de of her group of friends. she sees her popularity as a piece
of glass—something that could fall apart with just one tiny
mistake. being the envied sidekick of the alpha, mindy can't
let that happen. social and a total party animal, she hosts
sleepovers with her clique each week, and large events for
almost every occasion.

mindy's family is exceedingly wealthy, even compared to
the other rich parents who send their children to octavian
country day. her mother and father are the owners of an
expensive, nearly famous brand of clothing, so they were
not very surprised when they found that their daughter
was surrounded by friends. however, (work in progress)
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Postasteri on Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:04 pm

For Evanescent. Rhi, if there is anything wrong with this,
please let me know.


just a character storage thread. Tumblr_n0qgam86fZ1t0c783o5_250


char. traitsxxxxstoic, ambitious

Despite being a socially popular girl envied by many, Karen
isn't as strong as she seems. In fact, her perfect, fake fac-
ade began to fall apart when the disappearance of her girl-
friend Lori Watson, the two's relationship just their little s-
ecret. Lori's parents were not supporters of the LGBT+ co-
mmunity, and threatened to disown her after the two were
seen making out in their private place, atop a sturdy tree
branch that barely shook underneath their weight. About
a year after that, when the girls were hiding their love m-
ore and more, Lori suddenly vanished. Everything chang-
ed, the powerful aura of happiness and freedom the you-
ng woman produced gone, replaced by utter emptiness.
There was room for sadness to creep in, and it did as th-
e days passed, Karen hoping for an answer. A reason w-
hy on that fateful night at eleven o'clock, it had not been
her being captured and most likely murdered, and inst-
ead her girlfriend, who didn't deserve the torture at all.
She had just evanesced, and all evidence of her exist-
ence and kidnapping was hidden—nowhere to be fo-
und in the mysterious streets of Hawkins.


Karen Burke is the sidekick of the well-known Hawkins
High School queen bee, Melissa Boone. They are very
close friends, and will be constantly working together
to uncover the mystery of the strange figure roaming
around, looking for his new target—and their loved on-
es. Though she isn't very strong physically, Karen will
stop at nothing to find Lori, even if it involves being
taken by the ghostly man that stole her.

As for Karen's personality, she has the charismatic,
rude, and intimidating demeanor of a popular girl,
yet it is mostly a mask to cover her fears and flaws.
She is a true party animal, and going to entertain-
ing events is a way she relieves stress.


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Postasteri on Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:56 pm

reserved lol.
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Postasteri on Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:53 pm

Thread plan for Nefarious.

just a character storage thread. 5db1aa8572


/nəˈferēəs/xxxxadjectivexxxxwicked or criminal.


The current year is 2074. The government stands stronger than
ever, yet small illegal organizations have developed over time,
and a few became almost as powerful. And one of these dang-
erous groups is called Project Inferno, consisting of ten teena-
gers captured by numerous handlers. Every female or male w-
ho undergoes the experiments involved in the project will bec-
ome a supervillain, against their own will. Furthermore, each
teen falls under a certain stereotype, whether it's the popular
girl, the outsider, or something else. The scientists say that
their personalities are their greatest powers, and will assist
the rather unfortunate ten as they, with no other choice, a-
ttempt to conquer the government.

Randomly selected and numbered, the subjects are sedated,
often forcefully due to their fruitless attempts at struggling.
The laboratory, which is a labyrinth of empty hallways and
eerie rooms, is located underground, beneath parts of the
city that never sleeps, New York. It was previously a bomb
shelter back in the mid 2000s, yet it was renovated, and
has become a terrifying and unknown place that lacks a
single escape route. Moving on, the subjects are constan-
tly tested on, to the point where it could be considered t-
orture. They are given various powers, and the scientists
work to remove their weaknesses, using pretty unsafe pr-
ocedures, as well as to find and enhance their strengths.

Not a soul knows how risky the journey to being a super-
villain could be, and they aren't sure how hazardous the
laboratory's conditions are either. It'll be nearly impossi-
ble to make it through, let alone get out of the horrible
place. After five years of intense testing, starting the v-
ery day they are taken, the villains-in-training will be f-
ighting against the people they once trusted using all of
their supernatural abilities, and different personalities.
With ten diverse teenagers entering a brand new envir-
onment, who knows what drama could blossom?



Follow all of the forum rules. Swearing is allo-
wed, though don't do it in every sentence.

Try to be kind and civil, at least in out of cha-
racter chat. In the actual roleplay, rudeness is al-
lowed if it's part of your character's personality.

All sexes, gender identities, and sexualities are
welcome, along with races.
Be creative with y-
our character.

Nobody is the most important subject, or char-
acter in the roleplay.
Don't hog all of the atte-
ntion, it makes the experience boring for others,
and you too.

If you're being excluded, please tell me.
However, don't complain about it if your chara-
cter lacks detail, or if you aren't involving your-

Post actively. Please notify me if you are unable
to, or else your character may be terminated after
a three-day absence.

Subjects are numbered randomly. The number
can be any one of your choice, aside from those alr-
eady reserved. It doesn't have to be one through t-
en, and does not indicate how valued the subject is.

Add drama to the roleplay. This makes it much
more enjoyable.

Your plans can be posted here on the thread, and
if there is something wrong I will say so there. If
not, I'll simply quote your post and say "accepted".

I'm not requiring you to fill out a character sheet.
However, please include these details in your notes:
character's name, age, date of birth, nationality,
gender, sexuality, appearance (use a realistic face-
claim, please), their villain alias, stereotype, and a
brief description of their personality.

(Other parts of thread will be in a seperate messa-
ge in order to look more aesthetically pleasing.)

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Postasteri on Sun Dec 18, 2016 9:53 am

Rhi, I wouldn't choose the subject number that you wanted. Mine will be number
nineteen. Anyway, the subjects' numbers have nothing to do with how important they
are, and they don't have to be from one to ten either. They're just random.

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Postasteri on Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:07 am

Reserved for my Nefarious character. Subject nineteen.
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Postasteri on Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:49 pm

just a character storage thread. Tumblr_n5q8goNDDr1smxx4oo1_250

cisgender femalexxxxsixteen yearsxxxxbisexual


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Postasteri on Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:54 pm

reserved for the other part of the nefarious plan.
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Postasteri on Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:43 pm

anybody have stereotype ideas for nefarious? you can post them in the chatbox, or in your character storage thread. i need some, lol.

so far, we have the popular girl (reserved by me), the wallflower (rhi) and the outsider. there should be ten stereotypes.

also, rhi has reserved the power of imagination manifestation for her character. i've reserved hallucikinesis and electricity manipulation (since rhi chose an op ability, her character can only have one).

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Postasteri on Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:12 pm


just a character storage thread. Modern-antiqua.regular
━━━━━ ( ) ━━━

There's nothing like royalty. Nearly everyone wishes to
be looked up at, an inspiration to others. And when the
Selection—a competition open to all girls interested in m-
arrying the beloved prince of Illéa—begins, that is exactly
what the diverse women are working for. (Work in prog-
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Postasteri on Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:25 am


just a character storage thread. Breakfast-demo.regular

SIX TEENS admitted to the Ocean Park Hospital, whether
they are there for a physical or mental illness, are bound to
come together, despite everything that they've been through.
However, the journey to happiness within the bleak medical
center will be a hard one, no doubt about that. The teenage-
rs  experience unimaginable drama, romance, and even dep-
ression as they strive to finally feel like normal adolescents
again. It will all happen one hangout at a time, the group c-
limbing up to the hospital's roof on starry midnights, and s-
pending time together. And the nurses, well, that's a whole
different story. Staff at Ocean Park aren't excluded from th-
e chaos, not at all. Both nurses and patients are inevitably
pushed to their breaking points, and they have to decide h-
ow to handle it.

Last edited by mirrors; on Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:07 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Postasteri on Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:50 pm

No longer participating in Golden Days, sorry.
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Postasteri on Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:26 pm

just a character storage thread. Tumblr_inline_nvsna25tXm1qlt39u_500

cisgender femalexxxxsixteen yearsxxxxbisexual

DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITYxxxxxxaudrey florence lloyd

AUDREY LLOYD is diagnosed with dissociative id
entity disorder, with four distinct personalities—or
voices—in her head. Each one has its own physical
appearance and characteristics. Audrey, due to her
mental condition and self harm issues, is often one
to avoid social situations, yet she is extremely talk
ative when speaking to the other people in her mi
nd. At times, she takes on one of these personalit
ies, and is noticeably different from her usual self.
Furthermore, the female mostly self-harms on her
arms and legs, covering the deep, fresh cuts with
layers of makeup or tight clothing. Not one perso
n in the hospital knows that little secret of hers.
Everyone thought that she had stopped her const
ant attempts to end her life after one incident th
at landed her at Ocean Park, and also under suici
de watch.

Audrey remembers the exact night she was for
cefully taken to the medical center, yearning fo
r freedom. A series of high-pitched, panicked s
creams could be heard from the ambulance tha
t transported her, almost as loud as the blaring
sirens. That was until Audrey fell unconscious
—the paramedics rushing to sedate the tiny girl.
Before that, she had etched three simple sente
nces into one of her ward's walls; "You've done
it. You have succeeded to kill me. Goodbye, voi
Seconds after writing these words, she wa
s seen falling, so elegantly and perfectly, from th
e window of her room. Audrey was either uncons
cious or faking it, as she didn't respond to any q
uestions asked by the paramedics when she was
found sprawled out on the street, bleeding unpre
dictably. That fleeting moment is the reason why
she was switched from another hospital to Ocean

Audrey is a very quiet and vulnerable young girl,
and when she does try to socialize and make fri
ends, she comes off as awkward or insane. She
is prone to severe anxiety attacks, and any brief
mention of her past can trigger one. The brunett
e experienced both torment in school, and at ho
me. Audrey's mother, not an expert with mental
disorders at all, found out about her daughter's
DID when she was very young, and attempted
to cure it. Clueless, the woman thought that it
was simply an issue caused by Audrey herself,
and said that if she was punished every time
she heard the voices or switched personalities,
then her twisted mind would become normal
again. This obviously didn't work, and caused
Audrey to think self-harming was a perfectly
fine thing to do.

Also, in middle school, the sixteen-year-old
sister of her best friend assaulted her aga
in and again, whenever the fragile female
came over. Audrey's friend, Madeline, ha
d no idea that this was happening. Consta
ntly, Madeline's older sibling, Leighton (wh
ich is where the name of the personality c
ame from), both physically and verbally b
ullied Audrey, saying that shewas unstable,
and deserved to be trapped in an asylum.
Furthermore, she


This personality of Audrey's, which she named Em
ily, is the scaredy-cat. She is around nine years ol
d, and is afraid of social interaction, small spaces,
and the hospital as a whole. Emily is bound to co
me out during a panic attack, or any other time
when Audrey feels immense fear.

Hadley is by far the most dangerous of the four a
dditional personalities that Audrey possesses. She
comes out whenever Audrey feels the need to self-
harm, or destroy something. Often, her hospital w
ard is left in pieces, and this is usually the work of

Leighton is the mean girl of the four, and is mostly
a voice within Audrey's mind, rather than a person
ality. She is an almost exact replica of a girl who
commented on her mental instability; intimidating
and definitely not one to be messed with. When
Audrey hears Leighton speaking to her, it is most
ly harsh words, and the encouragement of suicide.

(Work in Progress).
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