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PostHeather on Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:24 am
i need thread views
I can't sleep. My eyes blink aggressively in response. Today has arrived.​
I never really thought of getting married that often, but with today being the day of one of my best friend's weddings, how could I refuse the thought? You're like Ted Mosby, that guy that'll seemingly never find true love. I roll my eyes and slip on my slippers, the snow-white bathrobe laying on the plaid and rustic themed sofa. I can't push the feeling of being alone away from myself. Whatever. Right before I step into the bathroom to freshen up, I notice a small, sparkling note on my mirror.

Meet me in the lobby at 09:45 sharp. It's urgent.
-- H

I run down the spiral staircase, my hair bunched up in a towel. I notice Floss and Holly standing by the front entrance to the hotel. I raise an eyebrow.
"Okay, which one of you left a 'super-sneaky' note on my mirror? Holly?" I bite my lip. "And why early in the morning? The wedding's in four hours- what's the rush?"
Holly sighs, "Okay Heather, look. We rushed you down here because Floss came up with a breakthrough plan on 'Project H'."
I roll my eyes, "Holly, firstly, nobody else calls it 'Project H'. Secondly, I don't need that right now. Today's her big day, and I'm not gonna ruin it for her."
"Whatever you say, boss." Floss chimes in.

(A/N: Sorry for the short entrance. Please support this series as it's an ongoing event at the moment. Chapter Two's coming out later tonight <3)
(Mentions: @rhindeer, @HollySaurus)​

"Kittei, please don't fall on your dress." I watch as Sachi begs Kittei, her eyes pooling with tears. "Mum and Dad paid ten thousand dollars on your dress, I don't want you to rip it."
"Mum, I'm fine. I'm not a five-year-old girl anymore." Kittei whines.
"You sure do act like one, though." David laughs, "I mean, literally."
I laugh as Kittei rolls her eyes as passerby marvel at her exquisite gown. The trails of white silk extend like tidal waves, as the slim waist bring out her feminine figure. The numerous polished diamonds simply add to the wonderful scene.
"You look amazing." Floss sighs as she braids Kittei's hair into an updo. "I wouldn't be surprised if he were to fall down due to the shocking sight."
"Yeah, Kittei," Holly adds on, "You're the prettiest bride I've ever seen."
I force a smile, "Kittei, you're so lucky that you've found love already. I mean, we're all waiting for Floss to get engaged over here in the lonely corner."
Floss nudges me, "Don't rush Ethan. He'll propose when he's ready to."
I roll my eyes, "Floss, the point is, Holly and I don't have what you and Kittei have. For all I know, we're not gonna meet anyone. Like, look at Holly. Do you think anyone's gonna want to marry a girl that collects rocks and calls them her 'cousins'?"
Holly snaps her fingers, "Heather, at least I don't draw extremely repetitive drawings of inanimate objects at different angles. I mean like, who's really the weirdo here?"
I shoot Kittei a glare.
"Holly's weirder." Kittei and Floss nod, laughing at the confused Holly.

"Hey guys," Mist shows up around five minutes before the ceremony. "Do you know where I can find Aiden?"
I bite my lip, "Sorry Mist, but Aiden's the groom..."
Mist abruptly sits down next to Holly, the pew trembling in her presence. "I can't believe Aiden's getting married. I mean, I thought we were the ultimate couple. I can't even understand why he's not getting married to me."
"Mist, shhh!" I say and I run to the door. Floss laughs as she trails me.

Kittei grins as she grips the bouquet of candy-floss pink roses tightly. I bend down to grab the gown, bunching it up as we walk down the aisle, accompanied by her bridesmaids, Floss and Kyoki. The surprised faces of the guests causes me to become slightly uncomfortable- it's not my fault I'm the maid of honour! Kyoki and Kittei got in an argument about floral arrangements earlier this year, didn't they? As we approach the priest, the girls and I disband the arrangement.
"Do any guests reject this marriage?" The priest's silky voice floats into my ear. Out of the corner of my eye, I can swear that I almost see Mist stand up- however, I notice her bitten lip- she refuses to let her emotions get the best of her.
"I now declare you, man and wife!"

(A/N: I tried to make this as accurate to what Kittei's actual wedding would be like. I hope you enjoyed it! Chapter Three comes out soon! <3)
[Mentions: @kittei, @chvrismatic, @HollySaurus, @rhindeer, @Mistellaneous, @tsukinosachi, Mervki (user's profile isn't available), @Stelliferous_, @Aiidennnnn]​
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Postdavid on Wed Jan 04, 2017 1:50 pm


read it please 8RZCN9hread it please PY4lR6Nread it please GZj27Ko
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