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nefarious • semi-literate & accepting (work in progress)

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Postasteri on Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:01 pm



/nəˈferēəs/xxxxadjectivexxxxwicked or criminal.


The current year is 2074. The government stands stronger than
ever, yet small illegal organizations have developed over time,
and a few became almost as powerful. And one of these dang-
erous groups is called Project Inferno, consisting of ten teena-
gers captured by numerous handlers. Every female or male w-
ho undergoes the experiments involved in the project will bec-
ome a supervillain, against their own will. Furthermore, each
teen falls under a certain stereotype, whether it's the popular
girl, the outsider, or something else. The scientists say that
their personalities are their greatest powers, and will assist
the rather unfortunate ten as they, with no other choice, a-
ttempt to conquer the government.

Randomly selected and numbered, the subjects are sedated,
often forcefully due to their fruitless attempts at struggling.
The laboratory, which is a labyrinth of empty hallways and
eerie rooms, is located underground, beneath parts of the
city that never sleeps, New York. It was previously a bomb
shelter back in the mid 2000s, yet it was renovated, and
has become a terrifying and unknown place that lacks a
single escape route. Moving on, the subjects are constan-
tly tested on, to the point where it could be considered t-
orture. They are given various powers, and the scientists
work to remove their weaknesses, using pretty unsafe pr-
ocedures, as well as to find and enhance their strengths.

Not a soul knows how risky the journey to being a super-
villain could be, and they aren't sure how hazardous the
laboratory's conditions are either. It'll be nearly impossi-
ble to make it through, let alone get out of the horrible
place. After three years of intense testing, starting the v-
ery day they are taken, the villains-in-training will be f-
ighting against the people they once trusted using all of
their supernatural abilities, and different personalities.
With ten diverse teenagers entering a brand new envir-
onment, who knows what drama could blossom?



Follow all of the forum rules. Swearing is allo-
wed, though don't do it in every sentence.

Try to be kind and civil, at least in out of cha-
racter chat. In the actual roleplay, rudeness is al-
lowed if it's part of your character's personality.

All sexes, gender identities, and sexualities are
welcome, along with races.
Be creative with y-
our character.

Nobody is the most important subject, or char-
acter in the roleplay.
Don't hog all of the atte-
ntion, it makes the experience boring for others,
and you too.

If you're being excluded, please tell me.
However, don't complain about it if your chara-
cter lacks detail, or if you aren't involving your-

This roleplay is semi-literate. That means you
should write at the very least two-hundred words p-
er post. The only time you don't have to is if anoth-
er character asks your character a question, then
you can just respond to it. Otherwise, this rule is
pretty strict and if your post lacks detail and leng-
th, I will warn you and character terminations are
possible in extreme cases.

Post actively. Please notify me if you are unable
to, or else your character may be terminated after
a three-day absence.

Subjects are numbered randomly. The number
can be any one of your choice, aside from those alr-
eady reserved. It doesn't have to be one through t-
en, and does not indicate how valued the subject is.

Add drama to the roleplay. This makes it much
more enjoyable.

Your plans can be posted here on the thread, and
if there is something wrong I will say so there. If
not, I'll simply like your post.

I'm not requiring you to fill out a character sheet.
However, please include these details in your notes:
character's name, age, date of birth, nationality,
gender, sexuality, appearance (use a realistic face-
claim, please), their villain alias, stereotype, pow-
er(s), and a brief description of their personality.

(Other parts of thread will be in a seperate messa-
ge in order to look more aesthetically pleasing.)


Last edited by snowfall, on Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:36 pm; edited 5 times in total
Posts : 81
Join date : 2016-10-15

Postasteri on Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:03 pm

Reserved for characters and stereotypes. Do not post until this is added.
Posts : 81
Join date : 2016-10-15

Postasteri on Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:05 pm

Reserved for my character.

Subject nineteen, abilities given to her by the scientists are hallucikinesis and electricity manipulation.
"The Popular Girl".
Posts : 81
Join date : 2016-10-15

Postasteri on Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:02 pm

This roleplay is being transferred to Chicken Snoothie. If you want to join, please apply for Nefarious there.
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